Stink bombs

Gracie’s bedtime prep kit

Ten years and counting of changing diapers… 

Since Kristine does boot camp on Saturday mornings, I’m charged with monitoring Gracie and giving her breakfast when she wakes.  Yesterday morning I checked her diaper to make sure Gracie is dry.  Diaper didn’t feel full.  Later, I checked Gracie again, even pulled down her pajama bottoms to check for blue lines in the diaper (indicates a diaper change is needed).  Nope, still good.  Fifteen minutes to a half hour later I smell something.  Oh my God, poop explosion.

I strip the bedding from the bed and the clothing off of Gracie, clean Gracie up while trying not to vomit, do a hand pre-wash of her pajama bottoms, and throw everything in the laundry.  So sick of this crap, no pun intended.  Last week I searched the internet for a solution to our bed soiling problems, and I think I’ve found it:  A sensor that detects urine and sends out an alarm to the caregiver!  Can’t wait to get it.  Why didn’t we think about something like this sooner?!

Now that I think more on this subject, the whole going to the bathroom thing has been quite a challenge.  It’s as if we need to add armor to her bottom to prevent her from causing mischief.  To this day, Gracie must wear onesies to keep her from pulling her diaper off.  Then we had to add shorts with a drawstring to keep her hands out of her diaper (see bedtime outfit above).  Nothing like starting your day with having to clean poop out of your child’s fingernails.  Recently Gracie figured out she can get into her diaper by reaching up through the bottom of her shorts.  For fun she has starting tearing up her diaper, tracking bits of diaper material as she walks about the house.  May need to switch from shorts to sweatpants.  Or cloth diapers, but I just know Kristine isn’t going to sign up for that, and I wouldn’t blame her.

Barricading Gracie’s closet

And God forbid you forget to barricade her closet with her dresser (reference picture above).  Otherwise Gracie will pull out the container of wipes and strew chewed-up wipes about her bedroom, pull out all of her clothes and diapers, eat her butt cream, etc.  And if she can’t get into the closet, she sometimes resorts to pulling all of her clothing out of her dresser, but she hasn’t done that in a while now.  One time she got the talcum powder out of her closet.  By the time we realized our error, Gracie had emptied the container of its contents all over herself and her bedroom.  I had images of Scarface snorting powder and Casper the Ghost at the same time.  When I told my father about it, he and I had to laugh about it.  Crazy.

Anyway, we tried toilet training a few years ago.  Kept a log of when she did her business, in an attempt to establish a pattern.  Sat Gracie on the toilet every 15-20 minutes, only to have there sit and look at us like, “Why are we doing this?  I’m perfectly content with diapers, thank you.”  After a couple of weeks we gave up.  Lately I’ve been thinking to try again…

About graciesautism

Father of Gracie, who is autistic, and her sister Gabrielle (who is a typical). Sharing our stories in Gracieland.
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2 Responses to Stink bombs

  1. Nuvia says:

    Gracie, I will keep you in my prayers and with God’s help the cell therapy will be a light for you and other people.

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