Quiet, puh-leeaze!!!

Gracie is a ten-year old with severe autism (non-verbal, pica, incontinent, and self-injurious and self-stimulatory behavior).  Pica is characterized by an appetite for non-nutritive things like dust bunnies, leaves, and mulch (all of which Gracie has eaten).

Gracie’s current bio-medical interventions consist of a daily multi-vitamin and a probiotic.  Besides what she receives at her school, the only other intervention is equine therapy (horseback riding).

Name your therapy/treatment, Gracie has probably been through it.  Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), sensory therapy (light/sound show), chelation, gluten/casein free diet, vitamin B12 shots, cranial osteopathy, and so on.  As her parents, we are now considering stem cell therapy for Gracie.  Click on following link to learn more about the treatment we’re now considering:  http://www.cellmedicine.com/

Yes, we’re well aware the evidence for the efficacy of stem cell therapy is largely anecdotal.  No promises have been made, and there are no guarantees.  But that’s life.  One thing is certain, though.  Gracie will never get better if we stop trying.

4 Responses to About

  1. Kevin BILTZ says:

    Kristi and I think about you guys all the time.

  2. Sierra Carter says:

    Hello! I so enjoyed my time working with Gracie as her equine therapist. I miss my horses but I also miss seeing the look on those kids faces when I took them out for a ride! I am so glad Gracie is starting stem cell therapy, I hope that it is successful and provides some alleviation and joy for your family. I love you guys and I was blessed to meet and work with you all! I would like to share with you that through several experiences, including mine with your family, I have decided to study health science and make my career as occupational therapy.

    • Hi Sierra,

      You’re the second young woman that I know who has been inspired by working with special needs children. I think it is wonderful you’ve chosen to pursue occupational therapy. I wish for you nothing but success. Please tell your family that we said hello, and that we cherish the memories of Gracie on horseback, and I enjoyed our talks while walking with Gracie’s horse. Thank you for all that you did.


      Gracie’s dad, Dennis

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