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Acting crazy and being stubborn

Don’t let the title of this post mislead you.  Gracie is as sweet as they come.  If she hurts you, she didn’t mean to.  But she can be dangerous if you’re not careful. When I change her diaper, I am … Continue reading

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Stink bombs

Ten years and counting of changing diapers…  Since Kristine does boot camp on Saturday mornings, I’m charged with monitoring Gracie and giving her breakfast when she wakes.  Yesterday morning I checked her diaper to make sure Gracie is dry.  Diaper … Continue reading

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Beds and trampolines

Appears so peaceful when she’s sleeping, doesn’t she?  It seems I never really stopped to consider how much Gracie’s autism affected things, until I starting sharing our story…  Our house, for example, has been Gracie-proofed, to the extent necessary for … Continue reading

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Equine therapy and New-Skin

Here’s Gracie saying hello to Sweet Pea, the mare she rides in Melbourne, Florida.  A special thank you goes out to our friends Joellen and Eric Mullins in Ohio, who introduced Gracie to equine therapy.  By the way, guys, Gabrielle … Continue reading

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My first post… here we go.

Cool.  My first post and first blog.  Wonder how many millions have already thought and said the same?  Anyway, here we go!  Should be an interesting ride.  Gracie started off our Labor Day weekend with a bang!  Ate a mushroom … Continue reading

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