Stem Cell Therapy

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Rather than waiting until I’m finished with this page, I thought I’d let everyone see it while it’s in progress.  I’ve gotten  some questions about stem cell therapy, and rightfully so.  What I have learned excites me more than other treatment for autism.  The available information on stem cell therapy is daunting, though, as the literature is full of medical and scientific terms.  Nevertheless, I will try here to provide basic information so you can get a quick grasp of what stem cell therapy is, and how it works.

There are various stem cell types, some of which are listed below (I’ll explain the differences soon):

  1. Adult stem cells (ASCs)
  2. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)
  3. Fetal stem cells (FSCs)

It is the latter, FSCs, that cause the most controversy.  However, advances in stem cell technology may eliminate the need to use fetal tissue.  This past week two scientists were awarded Nobel prizes for their work on stem cells.  They worked to get ASCs to convert to a pluripotent state, enabling the stem cells to convert to cells for any part of the body (e.g., brain, kidney, etc.). 

There are also other types of stem cells, and I will share information on these at a later date as well.  What I think is really important for you to know right now is that we will not be using FTSs in Gracie’s treatment.

So in my next update look for more information on the differences regarding stem cell types, and how they work.

2 Responses to Stem Cell Therapy

  1. Elliott feller says:

    Hi Kristine I’m talking with your mom who happens to be at my mothers home. They are Neighbors . She told me about your daughter having been given Stem Cells for her disease. I am a recipient of stem cell infusion for pulmonary Fibrosis and want to share with you that my lung functions have improved dramatically . If I can be of any help I have contacts at UM Medical Center.

    • Hi. This is Dennis, Kristine’s husband. I showed her your message. So glad to know stem cell therapy had helped you. Only time will tell if it helps our daughter. We appreciate your offer to help, and will keep it in mind if we have questions.



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